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Dad Has No Balance

So my dad has parkinsons. He has slight tremors and a bit of demtia.

He took a fall and all of sudden has no balance and is no longer able to walk. He been seeing a movement disorder specialist but they don't know why this is. Anyone know of "diagnostics" testing that could be done to understand what "short circuited"? Thanks a lot.

  1. Hi - I wanted to follow up to see how you dad's appointment went. Did they end up doing any testing or have any ideas why he lost his balance? Sending positive thoughts your way. - Lauren ( Team)

    1. I was recommended by my doc to take Safinamide, also for improving my balance, and I think it helps. I'd suggest to read my post at Be very careful about your diet. Good luck.

      1. I bought this book "FIGHTING PARKINSONS ... AND WINNING, A memoir of my recovery from Parkinson’s Disease" by Howard Shifke. Very interesting alternative therapy, see also his site, You could also try the mixed approach. Currentlly, I'm using a mixed approach, with my regular meds supplemented by the exercises in his book, that after a testing period of several months, I think they alleviate the PD symptoms (tremor and balance). His exercises, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, are also available for free at youtube. Use e.g. a Youtube search for "Howard Shifke videos." I'd recommend his exercises, based on my practice. They definitely help me to go through my day.

        1. About 2 years ago, I received a life-altering diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. The treatment, primarily Carbadopa-Levadopa however, wasn't effective, leading to a hospitalization. This experience prompted me to seek a second opinion, which revealed a different culprit: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Be sure to get a second opinion. I saw a movement specialist who diagnosed PSP in 20 minutes. See my whole story at

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