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Cats and fall risks.

I am trying to find out if anyone can tell me about their experiences with a cat. I would like to adopt an older, sedate cat, but would like to know what other PWP have to say.

  1. Hi Midnight,
    I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 10/2020. My wife and I have 2 great cats. We love them to death. Our older grey cat named Tom is perhaps the kind you would like.

    Our younger, really feisty feline is called Jeri. Get it, Tom and Jeri? We got Jeri on the same trip when I was given my diagnosis. At first, Jeri presented a tripping problem. We even considered returning her. But, over time, I learned to be more watchful and she learned how to stay out of my way. I would recommend an older cat. They are so much company. You do need to be sure you can attend to the litter box.

    I think also that just because of our diagnosis should not mean we have to give up pleasures like pets.

    1. Hi Mike, Thanks for your response. I am lobbing hard for a cat but my wife is concerned and I don't want to worry her. This helps.
      Thank you, Chris

      1. Chris,
        My ‘Parkinson’s Mentor’ always reminds me “A happy wife means a happy life”. So I bear that in mind. Only you folks know your situation, but a cat can provide a positive
        respite to a difficult situation.


        1. This may sound crazy, but try to get a cat that is not the same color as your carpet or flooring. We had a tan carpet and tan cat. At night he likes to lay in the hallway, I wouldn't see him. So I got more nightlights and motion activated lights and trained myself to watch the floor. Haven't ever tripped on him.

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