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Cats and fall risks.

I am trying to find out if anyone can tell me about their experiences with a cat. I would like to adopt an older, sedate cat, but would like to know what other PWP have to say.

  1. Hi Mike, Thanks for your response. I am lobbing hard for a cat but my wife is concerned and I don't want to worry her. This helps.
    Thank you, Chris

    1. This may sound crazy, but try to get a cat that is not the same color as your carpet or flooring. We had a tan carpet and tan cat. At night he likes to lay in the hallway, I wouldn't see him. So I got more nightlights and motion activated lights and trained myself to watch the floor. Haven't ever tripped on him.

      1. , I could not live without my cats. Well, I guess I could but I wouldn’t want to. Yes, the youngest can zip around but he and I have learned to be aware after I accidentally stepped on his tail once (dark cat in an unlit hallway and I didn’t see him but felt something under my foot - thankfully no harm to the cat). I wouldn’t say you should get a cat because it would be awful if you did fall but I urge you to visit someone with a cat to see what you think about walking around in that shared space. I find it calming to pet a cat in my lap. They also make me laugh daily by their antics and funny expressions. Their personalities are all different, just like us. Wishing you the best, Lorraine, moderator

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