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caring for defiant mom

My family has been struggling with my mom the past few months. She was diagnosed with early-onset pd 20 years ago. Over the past year...especially the last 5 months, she's rapidly deteriorating.

She falls multiple times a day, has broken her hip and arm and yet she refuses to use her wheelchair. She's forgetful, agitated, and has a very hard time talking.

Is this type of behavior common with PD? Refusing to let people help and denying there's a problem?

  1. Hi, - This definitely sounds like a difficult situation for you and your family. We've heard this topic come up in the community in the past, so you're definitely not alone. While we wait for others to chime in with their personal experiences, I thought I'd share this article that has some tips for when a loved one refuses care: I hope this helps! - Chris, Team

    1. I feel for you yes the defiance I am finding is with the wife( pd /lbd) taking her meds , refusal and spitting them out . And not eating
      Definitely disheartening and frustrating prayers for your loved one

      1. Hello, thank you for your message. I hope you are getting help with taking care of your wife. My own father suffers similar symptoms and often can be agitated and unwilling to cooperate with eating and pills. We have had some success with allowing him some space to take his pills and some bribery i.e. getting ice cream (or any favorite treat) aftewards. Keep in touch with how you are doing. All the best, Suzanne Troy, team member

    2. It's down to blending the crushed pills into pudding as she has progressed to not being able to swallow the capsules or large pills. I don't and refuse to fight about them any longer. Facial masking has gotten bad
      Thanks for caring

      1. , I’m sorry to hear what you and your mother are going through. Bless you for taking such good care of her. Care for yourself too. We are here for you and thinking of you.
        Christina, Team

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