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So recently becoming the full time caregiver to my wife who recently had some trauma
(Broke Humorous in a fall)
Escalated her pd & dementia
To the point of now On the 4+side of the scale and cannot do much of anything alone .
My Question: should the loboda meds knock her out for hrs.?(sleeps 2-3 hrs after dose.
And they prescribed 4 times a day I would literally have to wake her to get that amount in her .
Is this normal?

  1. I would strongly suggest a consultation with a movement disorder specialist asap. Her reaction must be making day to day life very challenging and perhaps adjustments to medications can be made. Too much sleep can be less than beneficial. Please let us know how this is resolved. We care about you here. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

    1. Took away the laboda down to just her basic meds . Neurologist felt it wasn't helping .
      Her health care insurance. ( hmo) doesn't have a motion specialist

      1. I am glad to hear that an adjustment has been made to her medication and hopefully that is working for her. Remember as a caregiver to take care of yourself as well. Thea DeStephano

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