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Thank you so much for sharing this, @flossie88. It seems you’ve both come a long way from some tough health challenges. It’s wonderful to read how active and engaged you keep one another throughout the PD journey. Thanks again. – Chris, Team

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My husband had early onset PD. We noticed a tremor in his pinky finger shortly after our first son was born almost 16 years ago. My husband turns 50 tomorrow. He went to a few doctors and they said the tremor was […]

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Thank you, dan, for your encouraging note. It is indeed hard to ask for help; but I am lucky to have a team of very fine friends & family close by. I apppreciate your words of encouragement.

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Than you for your reply. My son, who is my “rock”, has already made arrangements for a system as you described; and I plan to make fulll use of it.

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Seven years ago when my husband, John, first started to exhibit signs of dementia, I was scared and worried about what this meant for our future. I remember praying every night for a miracle. One day while at a […]

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In Feb 2011 whilst painting the house Baz slipped a disc and whilst in hospital was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis and was advised a valve replacement.

At the same time I was having some gyno problems […]

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I really applaud your courage and positivity. I would like to add one more thing to Sharons list. Since you will be living by yourself Please consider a wearable emergency button. They can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. They will work anywhere now because of cellular service. You can summon a relative or emergency services if need be. Too many…