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eurekadan commented a story 1 hour, 39 minutes ago

The world is ours to travel, experience, and breathe in. I’m glad you’re still out and about, too. These last few years and next ones will be busy for my wife and me, too.

I love your attitude toward the memory making!

Keep seeing the world, and pay the staring hordes no mind.

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eurekadan commented a story 1 hour, 44 minutes ago

I hear you on your frustration, confusion, and changed priorities. That said, I’m glad life gives you outlets, as it has, to stay as active as possible. PD isn’t easy, nor are decisions like DBS, so talk to your doctors, husband, and loved ones to get their support. Whatever way you choose to go, I wish you well in life.

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eurekadan commented on the post, Why My Body Already Hates Brexit 3 hours, 50 minutes ago

I wish you well on this vote. I spent Dec27, 1990, – July8, 1996, in England (Bury St. Edmunds was the final part after Lakenheath and Bentwaters). Hopefully, Britain can influence American voters with a positive solution. We could both use some sanity in office.

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Over the course of a year, my symptoms have gotten a little worst. Two of them are my calf leg cramp and toes that clamped downward, both on my left leg. Then my wife offered to rub out my leg and foot.

I was […]

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I have had PD for three years, so far I don’t feel like the medicine makes a huge difference, but I keep taking it. I found that Pramixpexole works best for me (such as it is). The MJFox Foundation stated that have identified a molecule that may arrest the symptoms, but it’s owned by Big Pharma. The foundation has to develop another version of it…

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bobaleen commented on the post, The Duality of Illness: Terms We Should Know 4 days, 5 hours ago

I have never really felt the “off” periods only because I have also never really felt my “on” periods. Medication has not worked for me very well at all. So i continue to stumble along trying not to fall. I dont really tell many friends about the truth about my condition but rather just say I am doing “fine” on my better days and “OK” on my not so…