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I have been diagnosed with MSA Type 3 since 2017. I can climb stairs up and lose balance on the way down. I also have low BP associated dizziness. These are controllable for now. I dunno where this is going to take me.

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TerryB started the topic I was asked if I had a vitamin D deficiency in the servay here for our community. in the forum General Discussions 1 day, 4 hours ago

I must tell you that this made me set up and take note. You see my doctor just told me that I have a problem with my level of D vitamin – my blood work was back. So he has put me on a vitamin D supplement to bring my level back up. I already take a vitamin B supplement. My point is “you might want to have this checked out next time you have labs drawn”.

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Thank you Terry seeing my Doctor this morning will ask her. Meanwhile how is is going can’t seem to sleep for long these days.

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Thanks for your comment, @naviaedwards. Parkinson’s disease is not actually considered a virus, but a neurodegenerative disease. At this time there is no scientific consensus on a cure for Parkinson’s. Complementary/alternative therapies can certainly be helpful in managing symptoms and improving quality of life, though! Take care – Chris,…

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Dear MalcolmReev;
I can’t begin to tell you just how much pain I seem to have to put up with these days! This started about a year ago when I noticed my feet and legs would feel like they had fallen asleep- you know, tengali like. But as time went on they began to hurt more and more. The doctors gave me “Acetaminophen 500 mg. Which I take 2…

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TerryB posted an update 2 days ago

Sore legs today and feeling wore out most of the time lately, but my head is up and I march on.