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Thanks so much for sharing your story, Denis. It seems like you’ve really been through a lot. Glad to hear that your doctors were able to get you back on your feet! The vocal and swallowing issues you’re experiencing are not uncommon. I thought I’d share two articles from one of our contributors who talks about his speech issues, as well as the…

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Unfortunately, there’s no singular test to help diagnose PD. Diagnosis is given after an examination of medical history and neurological exams given by a neurologist or movement disorder specialist (MDS). We actually have an article that can help you find an MDS near you here:…

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Hi I am new to the group. I am late stage 3/early stage 4 in severity. My latest challenge is I am struggling to swallow and my food tastes differently, I also have speech problems and sometimes cannot get a word out. I also muddle up my words. Any advice on swallowing and improving speechz/

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Thanks so much for your article. It hits very close to home.
As my 84 year-old husband’s Parkinson’s is progressing into stage 4 he has all the symptoms you list plus opting to sleep as much as he can. He had been a 3-4 times a week golfer, gardened extensively, rode the mower over our 2 acres, painted, and played bridge.
Even though he…