Hands lift soil with budding leaves from ground; sunlight shines on plant.

Restarting My Self-Care During Quarantine

For the last few months, I have thought about all my fellow care partners often. I'm often wondering how caregivers are coping with these difficult times, being isolated, schedules turned upside down, and coping with the loss of routine.

I wondered about all of the caregivers because I wondered about myself. I have found it difficult, at times, to cope with so many changes: The loss of my exercise routine, missing socializing with friends, and trying to rebuild a daily schedule. Some days were fine, as I paced through the “new normal” at home. Other days were hard, emotional, and filled with anxiety.

New approaches to self-care for caregivers

As I begin to find my footing and develop my new routine, I have recorded the video below to share my new perspective. I have taken advantage of the time that my husband does his online voice exercises as an opportunity for me to exercise.

Over the last few months, I reignited my love of gardening. Placing my hands in the soil and listening to the birds invigorates my spirit. Karl and I began each day by playing albums we have not listened to in a long time. We have started taking more walks together as a break from our computer screens.


A re-discovered perspective on self-care

I have recently re-discovered a perspective during this quarantine that I used to reference a few years ago. Many, many writers have said something like this phrase: We cannot control the surf, but we can learn to ride the waves.

I can certainly relate to this feeling these last few months. I am finally beginning to feel that I am up on my board with unstable footing, but I am slowly starting to ride these waves.vide

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