My Dad Has Parkinson's

Later this month, our thirteen-year-old son Levi will be traveling with his dad to Washington, DC, for Parkinson's Advocacy Day. Levi LOVES film! In fact, he always narrates the Oscar Awards Ceremony for me, sharing facts about actors and movies. How he knows so much about Hollywood is a mystery to me! So, when the American Academy of Neurology posted their 2018 Neuro Film Festival, Levi was all in! And, as he travels to advocate with us for awareness for Parkinson's disease, he has decided to share with our legislatures his entry, My Dad Has Parkinson's: "Neuroscience is...COOL!".

People with Parkinson's storm the capitol

Well, not really, right? How can nearly 300 patients with Parkinson's disease and their caregivers "storm" Washington, DC, all with varying degrees of symptoms? But they do. Last year, I attended with my hott-hubby, Dan, who was diagnosed ten years ago. Arriving from all over the country, there were Parkinson's advocates, some with tremors, walkers, and wheelchairs - all ready to tell their representatives the importance of discovering new therapy, improving treatments, protecting health coverage, and most importantly, research to discover a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

Sharing your story, too

As a family, we will share our story. We will discuss our needs with our elected officials to impress upon them the importance of supporting legislation that funds Parkinson's disease and protects health care. Levi plans to show his short film! I hope Senators Capito and Manchin are ready to be wowed!

YOU can help too! On March 21, 2018, YOUR representatives will be visited by someone from YOUR state who has Parkinson's disease or is affected by this chronic neurological disorder. Please consider contacting your own representatives while the Parkinson's Policy Forum is happening! If you need help locating your congressperson, just message me and we will find a phone number or email address for you! And, if you are from outside the US, tell us your story here! Improvements to Parkinson's disease treatment anywhere helps us all learn.

Until then, check out Levi's Story, "My Dad Has Parkinson's:  Neuroscience is...COOL!"

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