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Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Focusing on the breath is a technique used to help calm the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. There are many forms of breathing exercises. In this video, renowned naturopath Megan Taylor guides you through four-square breathing, also known as box breathing or square breathing. It is a simple breathing technique to help you relax the mind and body.


  • ahello2uall
    9 months ago

    This breathing exercise is very easy and it makes me forget what is making me anxious , all because of the concentration in my breathing.

  • Jessica.Hall moderator
    9 months ago

    The calming possibilities that come with tuning into one’s breath are so wonderful!! It is really awesome to hear that the breathing exercises are helping you! Thanks so much for being here and sharing with us, @ahello2uall. Wishing you a peaceful evening. Kindly, Team

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