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General Discussions

Young onset

  • By tony

    I was 31 when I was diagnosed
    Is there anyone else that young in here?
    I’m 40 now

  • By KellyW Moderator

    Hi Tony. Yes, I am also a “young onsetter”. I was diagnosed at 29, now 45. There are a few of us here. How were you diagnosed? What were your first symptoms?

    Regards, Kelly, Team Member

  • By tony

    My pinky tremors and a lot of non motor symptoms

  • By Gretchen Church

    Hi Tony,
    I am also a young onsetter. I was diagnosed at 32 now 52. I met and married another Parky who was diagnosed at 32 now 55. There are actually quite a few of us out here in the nooks and crannies of world. A lot more I am afraid than I would like. The non motor symptoms were a pain for me early on to really understand 20 years ago. We have come a long way in at least being able to realize that they exist and identy them. My husband started with pinky tremors. Do you find that stress makes them worse? is a a great community to have landed!

    Blessings, Gretchen, ParkinsonsDisease.Net Team Member

  • By tony

    Thanks 🙏

  • By BakerandShaker

    Hi Tony! I’m a young-onsetter as well. Symptoms started at 36 but I wasn’t officially diagnosed until 2008 after having an MRI to rule out MS. I was 40 then. I am now 49. My brothers, who are twins, also have PD. I just found out 2 years ago that my Dad’s cousins (3 out of 6) had PD. I always thought the cause was working in a greenhouse around herbicides when I was 12-13 years old, or the well water I started drinking when we moved to a farm when I was 10 years old. Guess I now know it’s genetic!

    I have had no luck trying to find young-onset support in my area (Raleigh, NC). They’re all PD groups that meet at nursing homes. I thought about starting a group, but hey, the fatigue with PD can be an obstacle to motivation and energy.

    I’m glad I’m getting to meet other young-onsetters through this forum.

    Best to all.