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    I recently switched from a traditional cane to a longer walking stick. I used the cane primarily as a balance enhancement but found that after a while, I was leaning on it more and more thus bending my back and shortening my stride.

    By substituting the longer walking stick, I seem to be maintaining a much more comfortable upright stance and using it only for balancing (and help on steps). I’m also able to lengthen my stride as I can swing it further ahead while walking.

    I bought a commercial walking stick via Amazon and shortened it to better fit my height. I also wrapped the top 12-14” with para-cord to improve the grip. I also drilled a hole through the top of the shortened stick to add a short loop to allow it to be hung from a hook. The only downside I’ve found is that it is a bit more difficult to put in the car or store in restaurants, but this is easily overcome.

    Hopefully, this will prove useful to some of you.

    David Stone

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    Chris H.

    That’s a really great suggestion, DavidStone! Glad you were able to customize a tool to help your walking. Para-cord comes in handy in so many ways! Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. – Chris, ParkinsonsDisease.net Team Member

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