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General Discussions


  • By HEckstein

    Can I use resveratrol for Parkinson’s. Is there any benefits? Can I also use Vitamin D3 and what dosage. I have not been diagnosed as yet but starting to recognize the symptoms.

  • By Chris H. Keymaster

    Hi, HEckstein – thanks so much for posting in our forums! Before addressing your questions on supplements, since you mention that you haven’t been diagnosed but are recognizing symptoms, we’d highly recommend being evaluated by a movement disorder specialist (neurologist trained in Parkinson’s and other movement disorders). This online tool can help you locate a specialist near you by entering in your zip code: We are unable to provide any medical advice on our site for your safety and the community’s, so questions on supplements and dosages need to be discussed with a doctor. In the meantime, we do have an article on PD and vitamin D deficiency that you may find interesting: I hope this is helpful. Please keep us updated! – Chris, Team Member

  • By guilford

    It was suggested to me to take Niacin 250mg. been taking for a year.