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  • By Anonymous

    I have been diagnosed with ET. My father also has ET so I am guess I get it from him. It came on right before I turned 40. The question I has any one experienced this? Just recently (maybe im just noticing it) when my thumb starts to tremor and I put my hand at rest ex in my lap it takes up to 20 secs for my thumb to stop with the tremor. It also stops if I support it with my hand. Then it will stay still until I move my hand again. Also this is intermittent (seems it never does it when I want to show somebody). This new tremor is kinda stressing me out because 1. it is new 2. I don’t know if it would be something besides ET.

  • By Chris H. Keymaster

    Hi, Nate78 – thanks for posting! We’ve seen mentions about ET numerous times from other community members; mainly the difference between ET and Parkinson’s tremor. We have a great article about the differences here: While we wait for others to chime in with their experiences, we encourage that anyone experiencing new symptoms to speak with their doctor (if they haven’t already). I hope the article is helpful. Please keep us updated! – Chris, Team Member

  • By Michael Church

    Hi Nate! Your diagnosis of essential tremor although it falls on the Parkinsonism scale may or may not be Parkinson’s Disease. Usually a neurologist does an exam that reveals 2 to 3 symptoms before they will commit to a full blown diagnosis. I had a similar tremor in my thumb and index finger. Commonly referred to as “the pill roll” it is enough of a concern to make an appointment with a movement disorder specialist. Most people only see a neurologist and many just primary care doc. An MDS can confirm your diagnosis and offer tips on treatment and maintaining quality of life. Either way, the key here is early intervention. – Michael