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General Discussions

Cellphone, vision issues

  • By Sharon

    Hello to all. I have problems using my cellphone. People usually have to decide what I have written. Anyone else with this iss7ue? Also have problems focusing . Went for new glasses last year and I still have trouble reading due to somewhat blurred vision

  • By Michael Church

    Great question Sharon! Medically speaking, the loss of dopamine neurons to the vision centers of our brains cause the eyes to malfunction. We know this to be true. So what do we do? There are corrective lenses which you indicated you have. Perhaps you need to have them adjusted or replaced because of changes in your dopamine uptake or physical changes. Maybe you need special lenses to compensate. There is also the possibility of seeing a Neuro-Opthamologist. This is someone who specializes in neurological vision disorders. Also the problem could be resolved through occupational therapy. There are specific exercises to strengthen eye muscles and improve eye health. I know this is a lot of information to digest but start with your neurologist and ask about your options. The fix could be a very simple one and maintaining effective communication is an essential part of living well with PD.

  • By Karl Robb Moderator

    Michael’s answer is excellent! I couldn’t say it any better! There are some excellent apps out there.I’ll bet there is one for making that tiny text more eye friendly. I would suggest you look for some that either makes the text larger or changes the font to one that is easier to view. Karl Robb, Community Advocate

  • By Donna Miller Moderator

    Sharon, you may be able to speak into your cell phone and have it translate your voice into text. It’s not a perfect solution as the translations can be be creative. For example, I texted to my husband using the voice feature and didn’t proof-read my text before sending it. What I meant to text was “Sorry, I missed your call, but I was talking to a prospective DBS (surgery) patient.” How my voice-to-text translation of my message actually read was “. . . I was was talking to a devious person.” It was a good lesson that I should proof my texts before sending them! But the voice-to-text translations are usually accurate enough that your friends won’t have to frequently guess what you actually were trying to text.

  • By Chromentic

    Excellent point of view. But the thing to do is consult an expert for your best medications.

    • By Chris H. Keymaster

      That’s a great point, Chromentic! Thanks for your input. – Chris, Team Member

  • By Petra

    I had cataracts removed two year’s ago and WISHED I’d never done it! Ever since, dry dry eyes & I went back. They gave me eye drops.
    Still not working and I have vision problems w having to wipe dry crust from NY eye corners. Also a film over eyes & have to blink and it clears for a bit.
    I went to another Eye Dr. Got New glasses & same affect! Drives me Crazy!
    Tnf for Listening