We are in this together

My husband and I are retired and in our 70s, well I'm only 70! My husband was diagnosed about nine months ago. When I look back he had small indications of loss of motor skills and tremors for many years.
I'm a retired teacher and he from business. We have 4 children and 7 grandkids.
As the caregiver and loving my husband of 40 years my whole life.

My husband was walking our darling dog Sophie the Havanese, when three unleashed dogs charge them and Sophie went around Stan. He was knocked over by one the dog and he fell in the street and dislocated his shoulder and broke his upper arm in three places. The recovery will never be complete as his range of motion is limited. He was in great pain for weeks.
Now as his shadow and him my Sloth (that's what I call him sometimes because he has slowed down so much). We have lots of humor together.

As a kindergarten teacher I have a lot of patience. Right now I feel I'm stuck on an Island and it's not Hawaii. We do live in a beautiful place in Northern California. We also have excellent medical in our area. Lot more to our story, but that's enough.

One very positive activity is that I signed up for Get Moving non-profit sponsoring a walk in San Francisco for Parkinson's. We raised over $1000 for research and care for Parkinson's. I didn't get to walk because of a fall Stan had at the beginning of the week. I'm heart broken because it was to be a visit with family I don't get to see too often. But the donations are in and I'll be there in spirit.

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