Watching my husband change (for the better!)

Last updated: January 2019

My husband, Floyd, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease four years ago. At first, I just noticed some small changes in him – he was getting slower as he walked and as he drove. Gradually, everything else started slowing down as well. At his annual check-up, I made sure to bring these changes up to the doctor and just a few days later, Floyd received his diagnosis.

Following the initial shock and fear, I made it a point to research anything and everything that could help him. There were lots of options for medication, but I was intrigued by the idea of something that didn’t require daily meds: forced exercise.

I came across the idea of forced exercise when I discovered Theracycle, a provider of motorized, stationary bicycles designed specifically for people with PD. Our Theracycle allows my husband to get in an hour of exercise per day despite his lessened strength, as the motor propels the pedals forward for him.

Our doctors had been recommending exercise as a way to improve existing symptoms and slow the onset of new ones, but Floyd has never been much of an athlete – so the idea of the bike doing the work for him was intriguing!

Just a few weeks after ordering a Theracycle, I noticed a dramatic difference in Floyd’s balance, gait and mood. It all improved. At a later check-up, his neurologist told us she has never seen an 80-year-old walk as smoothly as him, including those without PD!

So, my message for any wives, caregivers, family members or friends of a person with Parkinson’s: coordinate a forced exercise regimen for them.

If you’re interested in forced exercise and the Theracycle, I found this study really helpful when Floyd was first diagnosed:

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