Suzieq story of Parkinson's

This is my story about ten years ago, left bad abusive marriage ,moved out to Wa in Tacoma my sisters lived at. I first got out here my older sister helped me find small studio apt. I had me and my cat with me. I lived on Hilltop scary neighborhood like four yrs alone just me and my cat.

I saw lot crime one time open my door was going out, closed it fast cuss big fat guy on floor by my door blood around him. My fourth yr alone my place one day trying get my apt door open not see my keys than hit door frame so hard fell on floor, my friend had call911. My sister, got to hospital spent like five days there had fractured my left eye socket, had plastic eye surgery done. Then I got out had see lot doctors one diagnosed me having Parkinson's like ten yrs or longer. Now in nursing home like three yrs here, no falls since then grateful on that.

Does any one use the pump instead of the pills? Had my pump going on three yrs not find any groups on it.

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