Restless Legs Need Some Rest

Maybe it was there before Parkinson's disease hit me. But my doctor says PD is what lies at its base, restless legs syndrome. It comes creeping in, like a screw driven into my leg muscle/bone, left mainly. It worsens as it goes for a few seconds, throwing up my leg and forcing a guttural "Ohhhhhh.." from me, leaving a momentary numbness on my calf. I feel awkward, almost impotent, and stupidly march out of the room in a fit of agonizing depression.

It always comes back

When I think it is gone, it comes back. Meanwhile, eyes which were closing in are suddenly burst open, sleep which was instilling a certain quietness in my system is driven away. It beckons you, and then runs away. I am left rudely alone, incapable of reading or writing or more essential chores.

I have consulted different clinics in different climates. No one seems to have a clue to the condition, still less its cure. Restless Legs indeed need some rest. Or, is it like the hare with the horn, the elusive greenery in the distant desert, the barren woman begetting a baby-an impossibility?

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