Thank you for the story on being stopped by the police. I was recently involved in such an incident. I was parked in our village, while running errands, and a stranger got the idea that I had backed up into the car behind me and damaged her bumper! There was damage, but old and not caused by me. He had called the sheriff! I waited to see what would happen. The deputy arrived and took his report. He was rude to me and made me stand far away so I couldn’t hear. Then he looked @ the cars and determined there was no recent damage. Then he scolded me and said I “appeared confused”. I was shaking a lot (from stress) and explained I have PD. He told me my “license was in jeopardy” and I would shortly receive a letter from the state, and have to prove my driving ability was not impaired! No letter ever came, and I renewed my license without a problem. Guilty until proven innocent?

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