My Parkinson's experience

My story

Hello there, well here I go. I'm 60 and started to experience parky symptoms around 2014. I was diagnosed "officially" in 2019. During those 5 years and on, I continued to work as the symptoms progressed. I went on disability in 2023 from my courier job and started to focus on controlling this pain the ass disease. I been on 25\100 mg Cd\Ld since 2021 and now am doing 1 every 3 hours. In short, I've elected to undergo DBS surgery which was 1 month ago on March 25, 2024. My wife has been great, she got me to the places I needed to be for this to happen. With that being said, we go to the neurosurgeon next week. I will post more and try to answer questions if anyone is interested. Be well folks!

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