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Our Journey

Seven years ago when my husband, John, first started to exhibit signs of dementia, I was scared and worried about what this meant for our future. I remember praying every night for a miracle. One day while at a doctor appointment, the physicians assistant (PA) asked if John had ever been tested for dementia. “No,” we said.

His previous doctor, who had retired just told us it was dementia…period. So on the recommendation of the PA, we had John tested. The results were inconclusive and the recommendation was to see a neurologist.

Love keeps us together

At our appointment, the neurologist said John had either water on the brain or Parkinson’s. So after an MRI, water on the brain was ruled out, and John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and prescribed medication therefor. After one dose of medication, John was like a new person and his dementia was almost non-existent.

Can you imagine my elation? I felt like my prayers for a miracle had been answered. That was six years ago. We continue on this difficult journey, but we are always thankful for our little miracle. Love keeps us together!

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  • Chris H. moderator
    2 months ago

    Such a great message, @sandre. Your relationship sounds like a strong one despite the challenges. Thanks so much for sharing! – Chris, Team

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