Newly Diagnosed

Diagnosed last October after almost a year of many, many specialists telling me they had no idea what was wrong. My symptoms were all non-motor, insomnia, leg pain that will not go away, and anxiety issues. Had a DAT scan and that was the test that verified PD.

Started on Requip, had such bad fatigue that I had to quit that and then started on Sinemet, up to 6 a day with a time release one at bed time. Been on Sinemet since early January.

Still have major fatigue, insomnia is a little better, leg pain will not go away. Having a real difficult time accepting my diagnosis. I do go to 4 PD exercise classes a week. Try to walk 4 miles a day. I am 64, was diagnosed at 63. Will this brain fog and fatigue ever go away?

First post on a community bulletin board, thanks for listening.

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