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My Story

I was diagnosed in June of 2018 and my company after 22 years of service put me of disability because I was a liability falling constantly for no reason. They have since let me go because I decided to follow through with SSI disability. Since I am not 65 it is difficult to get SSI. I am going to my last appointment with the neurologist by SSI which takes place xmas eve. I am hoping for a good outcome to prove to my mom that there is something wrong with me. She told me that there is nothing wrong with me and that I should go back to work. I explained to her that I would need to tell my boss why I am falling. Since my last fall ended up with a broken arm left. I am left handed. Figure that. I have gone through 2 surgeries to fix my wrist.still working on it at the moment. Fell September 29, 2018.

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  • toshiko59
    6 months ago

    @Karenlitehouse.I also am saddened to hear you have to prove to your mother that something is wrong with you. Your parent is someone I’d expect would support matter what. You seem to express concern about telling your boos why you’re falling so much. in hindsight, what did that gain you since they’ve already let you go. I was fortunate, I told my employers exactly what was wrong with me vfrom the start so that I didn’t have to hide or lie to anyone. Note, doing this also offers some protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • toshiko59
    6 months ago

    i was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in April 2014. Even though I had not reached official retirement age, I asked to be put on Disability. My health, (preventing falls) was more important to me than any CIO presentation I could make in my job as an IT Director. I was fortunate they agreed, which is a significant cost impact to the company, Not only do they have to pay you disability, they have to hire your replacement(s), which might require multiple people given the number of years of service you have given, I don;t know what your disability benefits are, but almost anything is better than constantly falling, surgeries and therapists to fix broken bones and regain functionality,, and just plain luck that you haven’t had a concussion or even death from one of your falls What is key to SSI disability benefits is to describe you condition exactly as they describe the Parkinson’s symptoms that would qualify you as disabled, under their guidelines. It’s not making up symptoms. It”s putting your symptoms in terms they can relate to.

  • Chris H. moderator
    7 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your story with us again, Karenlitehouse! I’m so sorry to to hear that you’re not getting support from your mom. I wish you didn’t have to prove this to her. Please keep us updated with what happens during your last exam! – Chris, Team

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