My battle with adversity

I was diagnosed with PD approx. 5 yrs.. ago. I was always a very active person. I had been working since I was 16, and still going strong. I lived with my Mom and Dad until I was 14. My Dad passed away when I was 14. My mom already had MS. So things were pretty hard. I quit school at 15 to take care of my Mom. I had to do everything for her. I also did the housework and the cooking, and give her Physical Therapy. She passed away when I was 16, and I moved in with my older sister until I was 17. Then I moved out and started my life on my own.

When I was 19 I met a wonderful man and got married 6 mos. later. He was sent from GOD. He was 5 years older than myself. Very Responsible, and caring. We started a Family that consisted of 2 boys and 1 girl. Needless to say life was very hectic.. work, housework, sometimes 2 jobs. All of the kids were very involved with school activities and sports. My husband would be running one way, and I the other most days. And so it went for the next 45 years, with grandchildren coming in between. After I left my job at the and of the day, I would pick up at least 1 grandchild from the daycare and take them to my house, until their Mom or Dad got home from work. I loved this because I loved babies, and being a mom and Grandmother.

Then came retirement age, but I was still healthy and active, so I decided to keep working. But around that time, I started losing my balance. Some people noticed and suggested I take a job downstairs, to keep me from falling. Eventually I went to a Neurologist and He diagnosed me with PD.

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