My Life Is Over Thanks to Parkinson's

My life is over thanks to Parkinson's. Everything ... my health, my looks, I don't even go out for meals anymore. It was my Birthday recently. My son came over from Spain where he now lives with his Spanish wife and my two Grandchildren. I did not want to go out for a meal because I cannot chew and swallow some foods, especially meat. Yuck, I sometimes have the same food in my mouth for hours. The only way to get rid of it is by spitting it out ... nice ...

Dinner was a disaster

As my son had come all he way over from Spain, I thought "I will make an effort and go out." Disaster. We arrived restaurant late (slow getting ready ... Parkinson's), they had given away our table, which was situated in the quiet end of room. Now we sat three inches away from the bar. We could have been mistaken for bar staff.

Choice of seating: Two chairs almost behind the bar or squeeze in behind chairs and sit on hard bench seat. I chose bench. Even with four cushions around me, I could not get comfortable. I was in agony - no flesh on my bones due to dramatic weight loss after being diagnosed with this horrible disease.

I could not eat anything

I don't drink much any more, but the drinks I do like, like Bucks fizz or sparkling wine, are usually served in long straight glasses. I bent forward, still wriggling to get any sort of comfort, and over goes my untouched drink. It gets cleaned up, new drink in front of me.

I didn't have a starter, or if I did can't remember. The pasta with a parmesan sauce arrives, small portion, no nasty meat in sight. Oh, no no ... Pasta to me was uncooked. "Take it away." I told them. Okay, al dente might be the right way I like mine cooked. But I don't want to have to chew it. I could not eat it al dente, but didn't want to say. Now that's ruined my day. I am not going out again. NO WAY.

Before Parkinsons

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