Parkinson's my life

I was 45 when i was finally given a diagnosis i knew i wasn't 100% but couldn't put my finger on it. looking back now the first thing I noticed was severe back pain and my left arm stopped swinging I started cleaning my teeth right-handed instead of left. I was self-employed at "shirley's coffee shop" When Mr. Grunewald told me I was in early stages firstly I felt relieved because now I knew what was wrong next came the 'why me'.

I remember as a child watching an old lady whose head was bobbing about like a chicken. she got on the bus I thought to myself I can't live like that. I am now 58 singing recording discs raising money for Parkinson's. I also have a second-hand stall on a Sunday as long as have motivation in some ways Parkinson's has given me the opportunity and confidence to do the things I really wanted and stop worrying about the trivial things in life.

my priorities have changed. live every day as if it's your last. In the early years, it nearly cost me my relationship as my husband didn't understand but unbelievably he was unfortunate to be diagnosed with Parkinson's himself 18 months ago. Now I have the dilemma of deciding to have the DBS surgery or not on the 11th of December or not. I'm so confused.

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