Learning to live with Parkinson's

I was always an active person, raising 6 kids and participating in their lives. Now, one of my daughters lives near us, and has become a co-caregiver along with my husband. I was the one who was supposed to help her with her son. Never thought I would be in this situation!

Staying motivated

Miss the ability to do things on my own, drive to the store, cook, go for a 2 mile walk! I feel diminished! I stay active in a way by doing crafts. It gives me motivation to keep going, and I give away the things I make. That people like my crafts gives me pleasure. Does anyone else have something like this to keep them feel better?

More traveling

I have also been dealing with terrible back pain, and have recently had Spinal Cord Stimulation device implanted. I'm hoping that will improve my ability to walk better. My husband and I would like to travel a little more if I improve! Well, that's my story in a nutshell!

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