Good-bye Apathy, Hello Joy!

My name is Jan. I am 70 years old and diagnosed 5 years ago with PD. My precious husband was the one that kept telling my doctor something was wrong which finally convinced him to refer me to neurologist.

Helped beyond measure

He died of Pancreatic cancer the following year so my journey has been a real test of strength. Six months ago my best friend took a job at local nursing home as director of activities. She loves her work and invited me to come and volunteer, as she could sure use the help. Well...turns out those residents have helped me beyond measure! I go on Monday-Wednesday and Friday.

Finding purpose

There are approximately 15-20 residents able to participate. The halls are long and carpeted and we have to go get residents and push their wheelchairs or walk with them. We do craft projects, color, do puzzles, play bingo and dominos and have sing-a-long. We do manicures and do sittersize, then return with them to their rooms. I'm there 3 to 4 hours and have lunch with my friend. I walk, exercise, read to them and have reaped enormous benefits. I no longer have "off time", my energy level has increased and I don't need naps those days.

I have purpose and feel deeply blessed to know I'm helping these beautiful souls enjoy their days, and my new fight theme is, "I have PD but it doesn't have me!!!" God Bless.

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