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Financial Assistance for PD Medicine

My husband was prescribed Rytary a few months ago. When our Movement Disorder Specialist told us about this drug, I asked if it were available as a generic. He told me no but that it would be affordable. He connected us with the Rytary Patient Support Foundation who sent us vouchers. I became upset after hearing about new PD meds and sent an email to the Michael J. Fox Foundation about all the new PD meds are wonderful but what difference do they make if no one can afford them. The Fox Foundation refered me to The Assistance Fund. I went on line and applied and was immediately approved for 2018. I was shocked. In the past we were told that our income was too high for any kind of assistance. He usually made the deductible by March and Catastrophic by early fall. Our copay for Rytary and Rasagiline is now $25 each per month and not $95 plus no deductible copays. This form is super easy and fast. Just Google “The Assistant Fund.” Good Luck!

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  • jeanita author
    2 years ago

    I wrote the story about financial assistance. I thought that I said that my husband’s drug plan was in the donut hole by March or April. Once in the donut hole,the copay for drugs like Rytary and rasagiline were about 50% of the cost. These copays ran several hundred dollars each but the copay is still $25 each.

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