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Feeling lonely

Hi everyone I’m Sarah tucker I am new to this. I have Parkinson for 7 years. I have gone to Doctors the whole time they kept testing me and they did not think it was Parkinson’s. I thought I was becoming a hypochondriac. At any rate I was put on carbidopa/levodopa. I felt much better that I new what was wrong. I have had restless leg syndrome for many years well it disappeared last August only to come back 2 weeks ago full force. So I called my regular dr. and he gave me my prescription back so I haven’t got much sleep at all. I walk the floor up 2 six hours.

Trying to keep busy

Today and a few lately I have had off periods on and off all day. Last month the dr. Increased my mends and I now take Rytary. I also started drooling so I got a shot to stop it; well it dried my mouth so bad I could even eat. So I called him and he gave a script for pilocarpine, well that’s better but everything taste bad. My husband does not know what to do with me I can’t explain how I feel. I tell him I’m tired from not sleeping and have no energy but I keep trying. I’ve been painting my kitchen and wallpapering just to keep busy. I’ve been at it for 6 weeks I may never get it done but I’m a determined person. Well I could go on but my hands are shaky so I can’t type well. Thanks for listening.

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  • Chris H. moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi, Sarah – Thanks so much for sharing this with us. How long before your diagnosis were you experiencing symptoms?

    Getting loved ones to understand what you’re going through can be quite difficult if they don’t experience it themselves. Do you have open conversations with your husband often? For many in the community, having honest conversations with spouses has been very important. Take care! – Chris, Team

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