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Parkinson’s Fears

The original article on the list of fears sounds almost exactly like my story. I can relate to all of it except I don’t have young children or a job.

I am severely depressed and suffer with apathy and pain. I’m 77 and pretty much stuck in my room. I still drive but I’m afraid I might hurt someone. I’ve had several bad falls so I am afraid of falling. I don’t want to fear. I hang tightly on to Jesus. My faith keeps me going. I’m trying to live one day at a time and find the good and joyful in this day. How has everyone else dealt with all these fears?

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    21 hours ago

    I have Parkinson’s lewi body disease plus plus Nemours other complaints i am starting to struggle a bit now this is what is happening to me 3 years ago told i have Parkinson and they said you. have had it for a good couple of years before i was diagnose ì am having trouble with turnover in bed wake up in the morning feeling great but as soon as i take my tablets a hour AFTER i feel drugged up i feel every day chores i am struggling with i go out for a walk with my dog and i am dragging myself i feel drunk i feel every one is looking at me i feel like a elephant i am by my self most of the day because the wife as got to work i don’t mind in FACT quiet happy by my self i am allright in my own own surrounding in the house and in the car but as soon i got to walk around with other people same thing i feel like a drunken elephant there is 40 % of the small brain left side has died we went up to Scotland for a wedding a few weeks ago my wife could not believe how bad i had got because when she comes home from work i am sitting down so she hasn’t seen me in every day life for a long time she has now decided to have a month or so of work i am now 65 and i am getting worried what is going to happen to me my wife is so good with me she does ERYTHING in the house and have done for years we are a VERY close couple but there is one thing I know you got to keep going on we go out on a Saturday night trying to dance and my feet wont move struck to the ground right got to go now feeling so tired hope i have not bored you to death

  • April.Sluder moderator
    4 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience @haines. It sounds like your wife is a great support to you. April –

  • vickiatmtn
    2 weeks ago

    Have you tried meditation? CBT?

  • Diane56
    2 weeks ago

    I do okay for the most part but when I start thinking about the future I get very stressed. I had a 3 month stay in a hospital 2 years ago and was delusional most of the time because they screwed up my meds. Ever since then I’ve been afraid of the future. The problem is i have to make plans. Sometime I just hate this disease!

  • April.Sluder moderator
    2 weeks ago

    You are certainly not alone in those fears @diane56, especially because of what you’ve experienced. Do you have anyone you can talk to about how you’re feeling? April – Team

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