Don’s Story

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Jun 1st, this year. Since Jan…we thought it was essential arm tremors so this almost rocked my world. As most people, I learned a lot real fast and was really overwhelmed. So I was told to go to PT.

I found out there are a lot of things I can’t do…I’m not used to that so…I put some new rules in place:

  1. I will never let anyone tell me that is your new norm.
  2. I refuse to call it Parkinson’s disease…its PARKINSON’S…never say disease.
  3. I refuse to have a pity party.
  4. Always strive to prove doubters wrong.

I’m still working on all this but I won’t give up.

I have a good team, God, my wife, Doctors, PT instructor (I recommend the “Big and Loud” program), and also very important to me is a knowledgeable weight trainer.

I WON’T give in, I pray you don’t either.

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