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Enhancement of my PD symptoms due to Chronic Pain

It is like riding a Ferris Wheel. I am sure many of us have ridden one in our younger days. Chronic Pain by itself is disabling and treatment for it is limited with all the new drug laws. When I stopped taking pain medications for my neck and feet, my PD symptoms went out of control. I became very unbalanced, didn’t now if my increased tremors came from pain or PD. I became useless and bedridden. I had developed Bilateral Tendinitis due to a allergic reaction to Levaquin about one year ago. I couldn’t walk, my lower legs, ankles and feet swelled up to three times their normal size. The fluid caused severe pain. Now, I have chronic pain and without pain medication cannot walk more than ten feet. Compounding the instability with a fused neck and Parkinson’s I began on an endless round after round of which was worse? The instability in my walk, versus the increased pain and/or shacking so bad, a walker was necessary.

Since March 1, 2019 I have been a “pain patch” prescribed by an anesthesiologist.

My fiancee’ laughs at me when I say “I Love my God, My Deb (fiancee’) and my pain patch”. With my Chronic Pain under control, my PD symptoms have stabilized and I am able to function again.

When there are multiple diagnosis, such as mine (I have PTSD, PD, hypertension, depression and chronic pain) the practitioner has a difficult task in front of them while the patient is on a Ferris Wheel of symptoms.

Thank You for allowing me to express my thoughts and personal experiences.


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  • Jessica.Hall moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi @recondoc, what a great analogy. That is a lot for one person to go through, but it sounds like you have a great lady by your side to help you through it. So glad to hear you have found something that has been helpful with your chronic pain- what a relief that must have been. We really appreciate you sharing part of your story with the community. Wishing you well. Kindly, Jessica- Team

  • ReconDoc author
    7 months ago

    Dear Ms. Hall, I am the most blessed man in the world to have such an awesome lady. The Lord takes care of fools and Angel. Glad I haven’t sprouted any wings yet. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to tell others my story, it could help them without going with what I went through. I look to a long and rewarding interactions with the group and your organization.

  • Jessica.Hall moderator
    7 months ago

    We are so thrilled to have you as one of our community members, @recondoc! You and your lady appear to have such a loving bond, it is so heart-warming. Thank you again for sharing.
    We look forward to hearing more from you. Be well, Jessica- Team

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