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Caro’s Story

I was diagnosed in 2011 with PD. I have had ongoing back issues since 2011. Steroid injections to no avail, scoliosis, stenosis etc. had back surgery in 2013 fusing L2 to L 5. Failed! Had gone through the process of a spinal stimulator, trial and implant. The so called final implant only helped for about two weeks, needless to say I had it removed.

I know moving is beneficial to PD, however, my mobility and abilities is almost nil. So far I can manage with a cane for very short distances and standing for about ten minutes before feeling as though I will collapse. No pain mess work and my pain level is almost alway a ten. Chronic insomnia which drives me crazy to say the least!

But…for the grace of God I manage to face each day!

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  • Jessica.Hall moderator
    7 months ago

    Hi @caro, we appreciate you sharing your story with the community. We can understand your frustration with all you have gone through, and still not experiencing more relief from the pain. I find your positive attitude through all of this inspiring. Please know this community is here to support you.
    I thought you may appreciate an article written by one of our community advocates on chronic pain- Wishing you a lovely weekend. Kindly, Jessica- Team

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