Busy mom with no time for PD

I am a single mom, and until this year, I worked full-time. I was diagnosed in 2015 (at age 48) with young-onset PD. I hid the disease at work until 2021, because I worried that the parents of my students would wonder whether I was fit to do my job (Early Childhood Special Education teacher for children with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities, ages 3-preK).

Concerned about maintaining independence with PD

I have two daughters, ages 22 and 15 (adopted from Kazakhstan and China). We used to travel a LOT, but my mobility is currently affected (intermittent transient pain in hips, legs, low back; no one has figured out the cause yet, but I've been unable to work this school year and will need to retire in order to keep my health care coverage).

I am hoping to do a college graduation trip for my older daughter, but am concerned about my physical limitations. I did not envision this as my future when I adopted my girls, but they've been great with it. I am very concerned about my level of independence in the future. Had DBS in July of 2020, it has helped eradicate the tremors. Glad I did it.

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