Bring Me My U-Step

My husband is currently in inpatient rehab after being in the hospital for respiratory distress. While in the hospital, my husband had a light weight aluminum walker in his room that he could use. After trying to use the hospital provided walker, my husband told me that he did not feel safe—it was too light weight. Then he asked me to bring his U-Step from home. He has had a U-Step since 2004 or 2005 but some of its features were compromised when we flew to South Carolina. I learned this time that medical equipment is not considered luggage and that you can carry it with you. We took both his wheelchair and his U-Step Walker. Recently I purchased him a new U-Step. This one has some features that he really likes. This one has larger spring loaded wheels that makes going over thresholds easier. The new one has a metronome which helps him with his pace of walking. It is little lighter and is easier to fold. Of course it has the laser light that helps with his gait and the reverse braking system. I am not associated with U-Step in any way, but it is a great assistance device for PwP’s and part of its expense may be cover by Medicare or health care insurance. My husband was very happy when I bought his walker to the hospital and he is using it in rehab. This device has helped to restore his independence and mobility.

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