Agent Orange has effected my Quality of Life

I am Vietnam Disabled Veteran who didn’t know I was until flash-backs began after 9-11.
I had suffered from shaky hands since 1970 when I got my Honorable Discharge, but continued working full-time for the next 30+ years as a Commercial Electrician & High Voltage Splicer, when my tremors got so bad I could not work in my trade. After my flashbacks I did get into the VA system, but denied my claim on AO exposure, which is a normal practice so it took a decade before I got authorization for DBS which did calm my hand shakes for near 5 years, then my batteries failed so I had surgery for new ones. The surgery left me with hand tremors enough I had to stop all my art, sculpting, working on the basement, etc.

Now for the past 6 months my upper legs muscles keep locking up making my gait unsteady, my body movement is becoming eradicate & jerky, my speech is difficult. My falls are becoming serious, causing injuries.

My wife gets angry at my increasing clumsiness but refuses to talk about my PD or how PD is causing my ED, which her complaints do not help nor does her anger. I have considered divorce, which my son encourages me to do, I have considered an affair, but I am not ready for that really, I have considered suicide but it’s too final & doesn’t allow changing my mind.

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