62 and Shattered

Hi I had an three year long ordeal of being what I thought was happily married only to find out that my husband was engaged in an ongoing relationship with a young woman who got pregnant and they had a daughter who’s now three years old. I was still in love with my husband and being a Christian Woman I forgave him and wanted to help him and the mother of the child who has mental illness and substance abuse issues so after my ex got sick and came back home I agreed to let the woman come under the understanding that she would only be there until she found a place of her own and got help with her addiction. Well that never happened she fought me has a sexual relationship with my husband in my home and fought me.

I tried to go to the court to have her removed but because my ex wanted her there and the house is in both of our names there was nothing I could do. So long story short the stress from the constant stress lead to a stroke and before the stroke I was passing out daily but no one knew that I was experiencing orthostatic hypotension from Parkinson’s disease because I was never tested for it.

After the stroke the neurologist assigned to me at the hospital ordered DaTscan be done and I was then told that on top of the stroke I had Parkinson’s disease boy was I terrified. Since the diagnosis I got divorced but I’m still living in my house with him her and their child. I try hard not to fall into depression but it’s hard I believe in God I read my Bible and pray and I know that if I could get away from the constant reminders of my failed marriage I would be able to get over it. I’m scared of what’s going to happen if I don’t get out and the disease progresses and I’m not able to care for myself. I have family but I’m not close to them because I decided to try to help him and her with their child. I’m falling apart and I don’t know what to do so I’ll keep praying that God will make a way for me

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