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Mobile automatic pill dispenser?

Sorry all–I just added this to the “comments” and it cut off, but my Father in law has had Parkinson’s for quite some time [20-ish years and he’s in his mid-60s] and he’s becoming forgetful with his meds. He’ll double take, forget to take, and nobody wants to take his independence away [including me] so I’m hoping to find a better solution to medication than ye-olde-school 6 flip plastic containers. He has live-in access to [busy, job-holding] live-in family, great doctors, but he’s really deteriorated mentally over the past 12-18 months where he can’t remember if he just took meds or is about to, so I’d love any thoughts on automatic dispensers that the community has had success with. I’m trying to encourage his social life without sacrificing his independence and comfort, and when he forgets to take or double takes meds, it’s a bad time. Any ideas are welcome–thank you!

Community Answers
  • Chris H. moderator
    4 days ago

    Hi, @ventogt – Thanks for your question! It’s definitely important to make sure medications are taken on time and not forgotten. While we wait for others to chime in with personal experiences, I thought I’d share this article from Wirecutter that reviewed and rated various automated/smart pill dispensers. Hope this helps narrow down your search! – Chris, Team

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