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Keeping the Romance Alive: 5 Tips to Help Improve the Relationship

Below I provide five tips to help improve the relationship with a spouse or loved one.

Be a better listener and communicator!

Communication is two ways! Not stating your wants and your needs is going to catch up to you both. Clearly asking your partner for what you want is a good first step.

Making a reasonable checklist and setting a timeline to attain your combined communication goals may assist you both in a better understanding of one another.

Plan but be flexible!

When a spouse or loved one is facing an illness or a health challenge, there are certain restrictions and expectations that we place upon them. How realistic and sensitive are we being to hold them to a set standard?

We might offer a backup plan for all involved parties and try to be more flexible. Having backup plans are good, and sometimes backup plans, need backup plans. Plans change for all kinds of reasons.

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Accept that if you need to cancel or postpone an event for your safety, staying healthy and well is what is most important.

Organize a date night!

Tuesday taco night may be a thing of the past, but Friday could stay as pizza night, if that makes you both happy. Games, puzzles, cards, binge-watching Netflix, or whatever unites and strengthens the bond of attraction between your significant other, is a great event to uphold.

Discuss what you both still enjoy about one another!

You picked each other for a reason: love, kids, history, a bond, or something beyond words. The fact is that you are both together because of love, convenience, an undefinable connection, or for just an inexplicable joint purpose.

If being in close quarters during these strange times is pushing your stress and anxiety level to new heights, you are not alone. Devote time to one another and address your discomfort and insecurities as well as the good with your loved one.

Find a hobby that you both can share for life!

Whether it is the attraction to art or music, decide upon a skill or talent to try and share together. Choose a style of art or pick an instrument that both of you can enjoy together. Learning a new creative talent together provides an opportunity for both of you to reconnect and to share your new talent.

Encourage one another to practice. Determine a goal for your new hobby! For example, if your new hobby is playing an instrument, then choose a song that you both would enjoy playing and practicing, together. If your new hobby is photography, put together some of your favorite shots and consider making cards or gifts for friends. Adding captions to old photos or creating stories to old family photos may be fun and creative, if you have a preponderance of old photos.

Whatever you choose, work on your communication, and give each other encouragement as well as the necessary space, when needed, but stay involved! Pursue a hobby with passion and joy, but most importantly share and communicate.

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