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Not A Day Without Music For A Person With Parkinson’s

Music is essential to my day. I like to add music to almost anything that I do. My eclectic musical tastes vary from the obscure to the overplayed hits of the 1970’s and 1980’s. There is an intangible but true benefit to playing upbeat and motivating music that sets the right mood for the occasion.

The power of music

The joy of music has the ability to change one’s outlook to the brighter and can motivate, inspire, and encourage movement. The power of music has been shown to provide real results. Music therapy has benefit. Whether you create your own music therapy or see a licensed music therapist, I encourage you to surround yourself in meaningful music that touches your being.

Music makes my day better and enhances my motivation in the office. The right piece of music pumps up our athletic prowess and adds to our drive to move. Music touches each of us a little differently, depending on your age, ethnicity, and demographic region.

Nostalgia is undoubtedly a large portion of our musical fabric as we attach memories to music of the period. The music of my youth lives in my iPhone. I have an appreciation for a few of the newer artists, but find myself wondering why I can’t connect with the younger generation’s idea of music. I must be getting older.

Reminiscing about my younger days

For me, an avid music lover of the 80’s, my youthful memories are deeply connected with the ballads and rock music of that era. I find that certain tunes really do bring back days from long ago.

My eclectic music collection has a place from exercise to relaxing. No matter what the event, I find that music makes the event more pleasurable. Calming light classical music, Gregorian chants, Al Green, Sinatra, Bublé, or any of your favorite soft artist are wonderful to fall asleep to or just to find the calm. Don’t discount the oldies of great jazz legends like Ella, Nina, Carmen, Sarah, and others, just to name a few.

Little things and small adjustments can make drastic improvements in your life! Whether you want to lower stress and anxiety or just set the right mood, music shouldn’t be overlooked.

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  • dlyons31
    2 years ago

    I choose music based on my mood and on/off status. If I want to move: Thunderstruck-AC/DC, just discovered at age 55 their musicality and raw talent of lead guitarist (you’ll see that I am a late bloomer). Journey, Boston, Styx, Kansas. For chillin’: John Mayer, certain Willie Nelson pieces, Shostakovich Sym #5 or his jazz recordings. Deep chill: Any solo Bill Evans (especially Peace Piece), Miles Davis Kinda Blue Oscar Peterson. Then there is the Blackberry Smoke channel on YouTube.

    David Lyons
    Advocate for Parkinson Voice Project

  • Gabro13
    2 years ago

    I could not agree more. Music is everything to me. I can’t play but I will hardly ever walk, drive, or be at home without my music. My favorite is The Rolling Stones. Every time I go for a walk I put on some Stones and I find my pace picks up. I can’t move like Jagger but it sure does pick up my spirits and pace. I like to think I listen to a nice range of music touching on almost everything.

    Great article.

  • Karl R moderator author
    2 years ago

    Thanks so much! My music is a huge motivator for me throughout my day. My tastes fluctuate with my mood. I’m a Stones fan as well. Really big ELO fan too!

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