My Mommy Has "Barkinson's"

We know that Parkinson’s disease doesn’t just impact the person diagnosed. It envelops all those surrounding… family, friends, co-workers, and even our pets. With this said, in recognition of April being Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month, I decided to let my dog child, Crash, take over my blog today as he answers the difficult question, “What does Parkinson’s mean to me?”


My name is Crash and my mommy has Barkinson’s. I want to share with you how our lives have changed since the day she came home in tears after going to the Veterinarian. I cry when I have to go to that office too. It always starts off with fun car rides and treats, but then ends up with a strange person who smells funny, poking me with needles, and taking my temperature in an intrusive manner.

So I have hijacked my mommy’s laptop today so I can put into human language… thank the doggie lama for Google Translate... what Barkinson’s means to me.

Barkinson’s means my mommy will move in slow motion.

Let me start with our daily routine. My mommy usually wakes up first, she will pull on the blanket, which I have stolen from her in the middle of the night and rolled myself into a burrito of warmth. I can tell that she has a difficult time getting out of bed and moves slow. I always thought this was because she wants to snuggle more before starting the day.

Barkinson’s means that my mommy will eat tons of treats.

In the same cabinet where she keeps my cookies, my mommy has her own treats that she keeps in an orange bottle with a white top. She must really love those goodies because she scarfs down on those treats all day and has never offered to share with me… how rude.

Barkinson’s means that sometimes my mommy just wants to take a nap.

My mommy can get really tired sometimes and need to take a catnap… or maybe I should say a dognap. I know that her rest is important, so I will lie next to her quietly and be there when she wakes up.

Barkinson’s means that my mommy can get really jumpy.

Now, this is really strange. Like I said before, my mommy will move very slowly, but other times she dances around like she has a flea biting her in the butt. She will kick her legs, move her arms, and sometimes make weird faces, but I still love her.

Barkinson’s means that sometimes my mommy will just want to sit on the couch and watch television.

I admit I’m guilty of binge-watching ‘Westminster Dog Show’ reruns, but when my mommy gets into the 3rd hour of watching ‘Stranger Things’… It’s time for a walk… Hey, I’ve got to do my business somewhere and I think she would prefer me not to potty on her cream-colored shag rug.

In the end, I guess what Barkinson’s means to me is…

I have to be patient with my mommy. I have to understand that sometimes when she doesn’t feel good, it’s important that I encourage her to keep moving and give her unconditional love. Furthermore, doggy kisses can make everything better but most of all… I let her know that she is not alone.

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