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Weigh In: The Lesser Known Symptoms of Parkinson's

We at often hear from you, the community, that the lesser known, non-motor symptoms are some of the hardest to manage. And every week, you graciously vote in our polls and provide valuable feedback about your journey with Parkinson's, so in this article, we want your input! Weigh in on the polls below, and join the conversation at the bottom of the page.


For some people with Parkinson's, the ability to swallow is affected, which can lead to having too much saliva. This excess of saliva can lead to drooling. Not only is this a hard symptom to manage in a social setting, but it can also lead to other oral problems.

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Do you experience problems with drooling or excess saliva?

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Speech issues

There are several ways in which PD can affect speech, causing difficulties in communication with others. Whether it's soft speech, slurred speech, or speech becoming monotone, participating in conversations can become more difficult.

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Has your PD negatively impacted your speaking abilities?

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Sleep problems

Sleep disturbances in PwPs are very common, and can manifest in several different ways including: insomnia, restless leg syndrome, physically acting out dreams, and more. Not being able to get quality sleep can have major impacts to the quality of life for PwPs and their care partners.

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Do you experience sleep disturbances or a lack of quality sleep?

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Hallucinations can be frustrating and scary symptom to deal with. They are usually visual, but can be related to other senses like hearing. When hallucinations are experienced, it's important to discuss these episodes with your doctor to determine steps to help manage this symptom.

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