To Laugh or Cry: Humor Usually Wins

I often say that you can laugh or you can cry about your situation. Either way, the situation will still be there, regardless of how you choose to try to rectify the problem at hand. I think that the way most of us deal with the stressors in our lives is either to cry or use humor. Personally, I choose humor.

The benefits of humor

Humor has been shown to help in alleviating pain and has been well documented to be therapeutic. There are so many reasons a good belly laugh feels so cathartic. Chemically, physically, mentally, and spiritually, a really good laugh is capable of wonders. Humor has a way of getting a point across and can deliver a message in a non-threatening way.

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How often do we choose confrontation instead of laughing off what really doesn't need to be made worse?

Wouldn't our lives be easier if we could find the humor in our lives and not focus on the hardships?

How many times a day do you enjoy a good laugh?

Who or what makes you laugh?

There is a time and place for being cerebral. I must admit that I am guilty of overthinking and sometimes I dissect and over analyze humor, instead of enjoying the humor for what it is. I often say that there is nothing funny about Parkinson's disease. For me, the humor is not in the illness itself, but it is in my quirky thoughts, choices, eccentricities, and the unique predicaments that I may get myself into because of the Parkinson's.

Creating your own humor and laugh kit

Life is serious enough that there has to be a place in our daily lives to treat ourselves to a few good laughs a day. Here are a few suggestions to creating your very own humor and laugh kit:

Put together a listing of all things funny, to you on a personal basis. If you find it to be funny and it makes you laugh, then it goes on your list. Comics, joke books, television programs, plays, radio shows, cinema, comical music and clever cartoons can keep your spirits up and feeling better, all because of a good laugh. Collect pictures or memorabilia that make you smile or giggle. For me, cartoons from Gary Larson and a few others, almost always makes me laugh.

Looking at the world, sometimes, with less serious eyes can be refreshing and a bit more care free. Sometimes, if we slow the pace down, take a breath, and see just what is going on, we may find the humor in the situation.

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