Saying Goodbye to My Car

I didn’t come looking for you. I was intent on buying a "lesser" model. "Oh, but I have something that will be hard to resist" spoken like one would expect from a car salesman.

He led me over to you: a beautiful, black, classy Honda CRV upgrade. I hesitated to climb in, partly because I was afraid I would like you too much. You cost more than I planned to spend.

But I didn’t resist for long. I climbed into the driver’s seat, looked out the front window and said "I want this car."

Our good times together

We’ve had some good times together. I loved seeing my grandchildren on your back seat. And, there was the joy of loading up their goodies in your spacious trunk.

I especially like traveling in you to the condo in Wisconsin. Such a comfortable ride. The music from your excellent stereo made it impossible for me to not sing along.

Your comfy front seat was a welcome relief in those days not so long ago when I finished working out at the gym. You were the last car Mom and Dad rode in before they passed. Long after they were gone, I could picture them there. At times, I swear I smell Mom’s perfume.

I won't be in the driver's seat

I know I’ve apologized before, but I’m sorry for hitting that pole and scraping off your bumper. And I’m sorry you had to ride around with that wound for so long. That must have been so embarrassing for you. I wanted to cry every time I saw you like that.

And I apologize for the foul language you were subjected to when I discovered the bags of groceries had spilled out on the drive home from the grocery store. It was never your fault.

You might have noticed that I now sit in your passenger seat. Please don’t think that I no longer enjoy driving you. Things have changed. I have changed. I began to worry that driving you might hurt you and I or worse, someone else. This is painful to say, but I won’t ever be in your driver’s seat again.

Choosing your new owner

You are too special to just sit in the garage. Others should be able to enjoy you as I have. Anyone would be lucky to have you. You are going to live in a new garage. There will be someone else in the driver’s seat. I have carefully chosen your new driver.

I know she is a cautious driver - I taught her! And I know she will be very respectful of you. And you’re in for a treat. There will again be kids on the back seat!

It’s time for me to say goodbye. And yes, there are tears running down my face as you back down the driveway one last time.

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