Finding Abundance When You Have Parkinson's

Abundance comes in many forms. Each of us dreams or envisions what entails an abundant life. Abundance to some might equal fulfillment or achievement, while others may feel that abundance means amassing objects and money.

How do you define abundance?

An abundance to some might be seen as less than fulfilling to others. There are those who may define their own interpretation of what truly matters, not in tangible form, but in a spiritual way. The span of interpretations is as vast as culture, upbringing, needs, desires, religion, ethics, and barriers. Where one of us is content with one home or one car, there are those driven to attain more.

The mark you have left is enough for you

The looming question for us all is: when does enough become enough? When are we able to truly appreciate the fruits of our labor and call our achievements successes? The abundance in your life may be far from your accumulation of goods and currency, but instead of memories and lives that you have touched. Some of us feed on making that bit of difference, finding our abundance in connections and people. One needs not polish, adorn, covet, or worry of clutter when it comes to having an abundance of friends and memories of joy.

Abundance is commonly associated with words like fulfillment, accomplishment, achievement, or attainment. True abundance comes in peace, satisfaction, and the joy of knowing who you are and what you have offered the world. It is about being non-judgmental and confident that the mark that you have left is enough for you.

Making some changes and sacrifices

Accumulation drives many of us to try to attain more and more. More may not always be the best for us as it can complicate our lives. The need for abundance can compete with the simpler things in life. For many of us the search for what we think is abundance can be added complication.

Living an abundant life with Parkinson’s disease may mean making changes and making some sacrifices. Realizing true abundance may mean foregoing that drive for being the best in your field or being the biggest earner. Abundance may mean finding peace in what you have and recognizing that you are not in competition with others. Abundance may be right in front of you, all without even recognizing it.

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