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One of my dad’s greatest complaints about Parkinson’s disease is that it drastically limits his mobility. If he doesn’t complete his daily stretches or participate in some type of exercise regimen, the differences are noticeable.

It’s because of this that you can find him getting into basic yoga poses after breakfast each morning.

What are the benefits?

His belief that exercise and stretching assists with the management of Parkinson’s isn’t just a theory.

Studies show that exercise can help to make improvements to a Parkinson’s patient’s mobility. While researchers recognizes that exercise is a complementary practice to other forms of treatment, it does have the ability to positively impact day-to-day activities.1

Curious about the specific forms of exercise that are being used to manage Parkinson’s, I found the following books to be helpful. But this should not be confused with medical advice. Instead it should be seen as information that was helpful to me and my dad.

Movement and meditation

The Book of Exercise and Yoga for Those with Parkinson’s Disease: Using Movement and Meditation to Manage Symptoms, By Lori A. Newell

The Book of Exercise and Yoga for Those with Parkinson’s Disease was published in 2010. At the time of its publication, it was one of the only resources that specifically targeted yoga for Parkinson’s.

Many of the strategies detailed in this book are meant to explore range of motion, low impact cardio, and strength. While many of the exercises feature yoga-styled tutorials, there are also elements of tai chi within this text. This book features detailed images to guide you through various exercises and stretches.2

One of the things that’s most impressive about this text is that it targets many issues that Parkinson’s patients tend to experience. For example, it addresses falling, completing day-to-day tasks, and maintaining vocal strength. Unlike standard exercise books, this provides a much more targeted approach to handling Parkinson’s disease.2

Mobility and strength

Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease: The Complete Fitness Guide to Improve Mobility, Strength and Balance, By William Smith

Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease is another terrific resource that’s targeted at improving the quality of life for those who struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

While this book allows you to create exercise regimens that are specific to you and your struggles, it also provides tips and tricks that have worked for others. Many of the exercises that are featured within this text are meant to focus on common Parkinson’s issues like enhancing mobility and balance.3

Like in the general population, exercise has been shown to increase overall health and energy levels in those who have Parkinson’s disease. This book also provides photos, informative guides to exercises, and basic information about tackling various tasks with Parkinson’s’ disease.3

Creating your routine

While everyone’s experience is different, it can be helpful to tackle some Parkinson’s obstacles with a strong exercise and stretching regimen. For a long time, my dad attended Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) classes in order to target many of the issues that are highlighted in these texts.

Unfortunately, his RSB location was permanently closed due to COVID-19. But he remains hopeful and attentive while targeting Parkinson’s symptoms with stretching and exercise at home.

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