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Would you like to share your experience with Parkinson's disease and help others who are also living with the condition? Whether you live with Parkinson's yourself or are a caregiver/care partner to someone who does, we’re looking to add new voices to our advocate team and would love to meet you!

Our team

Our advocate team consists of our contributors and moderators at Contributors are asked to write 2-4 original articles a month which focus on sharing their personal experience with Parkinson's.

Moderators provide our community members with information and support by responding to questions and comments on our website and Facebook page, while implementing our community rules. All advocates are compensated and no prior experience is required. Paid training will be provided.

Perks of the role

Perks of being an advocate: Be a part of our Pillars Program and join an exclusive support network with opportunities to participate in educational training, fun group activities (like art classes!), giveaways, conference support, a matching gifts program, and more!

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