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What's your motivational dialogue?

As individuals, we each have different ways of dealing with the multiple facets of PD. Good days, bad days and So-So days each present their own challenges and elicit different responses from us.

I've developed various means to usually (but not always) help keep myself from mental and emotional 'stagnation', but I was wondering how others accomplish this?

Sometimes a simple mental mantra of telling myself to "Keep moving and quit bitc*ing" 3 or 4 times...(OK, maybe 10 or 20 times), is enough to shake me out of my doldrums and prevent me from sitting too long or convincing myself I don't have the energy to tackle something.

Other times, when my inner dialogue starts to say: "Well, my (fill in the bank) feels pretty sore today, I think I'll put off doing ( blank )." I mentally tell myself I've been through worse than this, so I can certainly get through this (blank) I'm trying to put off.

These may sound corny, but for me, they frequently work.

Trust me, I'm not saying I hit a home-run every time with these approaches, but for the most part, I can usually overcome the tendency toward apathy and the stagnation that comes with it. And since apathy is one of the known non-motor symptoms of PD, any opportunity to turn it away I consider a victory.

So, wonderful people here on, please share what motivators you use to help get you through the hours and days with PD.

  1. My way of dealing with the not so good days is to tell myself that this too shall pass. I listen to soothing music, meditate for a bit or engage in an activity I enjoy such as journaling or crafting. I also go into Dora the Explorer mode and tell myself you can do it until I do and then congratulate myself with you did it! Thea DeStephano

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