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Tight calves

Therapist that sees me as a career patient instead of an individual that needs help, not live there. So tight of Achilles that my perineal tendon on right ankle tore. Left ankle started but we got it calmed down but not enough so it got bad inflammation. I finally said to my fourth therapist office, I am a person not a PD career case. Let’s get my calves loose, teach me so I can turn this around. Finally a therapist that understands. I only so many therapy visits and can’t afford to self pay like massages. Anti inflammatory diet really helps. A stretch and strengthening calves circuit. My life has been a series of one injury or problem physically after another. Just get healed from one and within days or weeks, I am starting the next. Cramps in my hands started in my mid 30’s. Acting out dreams soon after. Getting to sleep early 40’s. Tremors in my hands 40’s. We heard it’s coffee, stress, tiredness, arthritis. Symptoms I didn’t even know were a symptom or realize I was doing. Family physicians didn’t have the knowledge to send me to a neurologist. Not like meds would stop any of it and know now the answer doesn’t feel better. Having the answer, the reason. Treat the symptoms and how to do things another way. Don’t have to always stop doing things just do it your new way. Try to laugh off what you can.

  1. I am sorry to hear that you have experienced so many painful conditions for such a long time. I agree that the most helpful solution is to adapt how you approach doing things. It finally took an excellent PT to recognize that I was locking my knees to try to maintain stability and taught me how to soften my stance which also helps relieve my arthritis pain . That and how to breathe when exercising took a lot of practice after years of bad habits.
    Laughing at your own mistakes is healthy as difficult as it can sometimes be. I admire your courage and perseverance. Stay well. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

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